Incredible Experiences: Two Cats Move to China

"Ni Hao, Shanghai!"

My job moved us to Shanghai in the summer of 2015. No stranger to large moves from country to country, we decided that this time around it was best to hire a company to help with getting our two cats into China.

Sarah Rosales and Mandy O'Connell were tremendously up-to-speed with the requirements and regulations for importing two cats into Shanghai and we felt very supported every step of the way.

Their team began the transition in San Diego through to L.A., to Amsterdam, then Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and lastly Shanghai. We were able to track their flights, given their caregivers' contact information, and were encouraged to ask questions all along the way.

We didn't necessarily feel the need to, as the cats whereabouts were always available to us. All we cared about was that they arrived at our new home.

Sure enough, after four days of travel for them -- in part due to regulations in China -- we received our kitties without quarantine. They were SO happy to see us and, strangely, are the best of friends now. Maybe the shared experience brought them closer together. :0)

We are so grateful we went with PetRelocation!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Katie
Company: Shanghai American School
Pets' Names: Dui B.C. and Patch
From: San Diego, CA
To: Shanghai, China

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