Incredible Experiences: Two Cats Travel to Canada

crate training for pet travel “My Fur Babies' Quest up North!”

I had moved to northern Alberta in January 2011 and was finally able to bring my cats up around March of 2014.

I had no clue of the process and tried asking around to all two of our airlines about how I go about getting them up here. I never got a straight answer and on a whim went online and searched for help and that's when I stumbled upon PetRelocation.

I couldn't have been happier with my decision to go with them. They answered my calls pretty much every time and to be honest, I'm pretty sure they even got back to me on personal phones just to answer any questions I had. It wasn't like one of those 'better get to them between 9-5 or else that's it for the day.'

They also helped me get two crates for an amazing deal super last minute when we found out mine weren't the right ones. It really was a great experience because while I was up in Canada trying to orchestrate the whole process through them and my friends, in the end they were the ones who stuck their hand out and helped me when I had no way to do it myself.

Although this is a year and a half late, I hope the people who helped are still there but even if not I'd like to mention a few that made it a super positive experience. Heather O'Donnell, Paul Wilson and Keith Boone and also the woman in Colorado who was up at probably 3 in the morning rushing them to the airport!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Jenni
Pets' Names: Rocky and Z
From: Colorado
To: Northern Alberta, Canada

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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences




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