Incredible Experiences: Two Dachshunds Move to England

"PetRelocation takes the worry out of pet travel!"

I was, like most folks, a bit worried about taking our pets on a long haul flight. They had flown before, but were much younger (they were coming up to their 9th birthday when we flew).

We were in Austin for the winter, so they had already traveled over, but my husband and I still get a bit stressed before we travel with them. The folks at PetRelocation could not have done more to put us at ease.

We first brought Sam and Dave to meet the staff at the conveniently located downtown office. All the staff came to say hello to them.

They handled all the paperwork with customs and the airline booking, so no fuss for us at all. When we dropped them off for the flight the two staff members were very reassuring, and when they gave the boys big cuddles I knew they were in good hands.

Dealing with the staff at PetRelocation was really a pleasure from beginning to happy ending. Two wiggly, happy dachshunds delivered straight to our door!!!!


Pet Travel Details

Name: Lauri
Pets' Names: Sam and Dave
From: Austin, Texas
To: Twickenham. Greater London


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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



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