Incredible Experiences: Two Senior Dachshunds on the Move to Fiji

senior dog moves internationally The PetRelocation team has been awesome, easy to talk and deal with, and very professional from the very first contact for a price estimate.

They stayed in close touch throughout setting up a contract and payments, scheduled the mandatory vet visits, oversaw the veterinarian's paperwork and other paperwork and permits requested for moving a pet out of the country, and arranged pick-up, shipping and handling, which included a not easy task: having our doggies needs arranged here in Fiji.

The Biosecurity and the veterinarian team here in Fiji was top-notch and greatly handled all our import matters without any problems. Wallace and Wendolene have been in quarantine for 30 days here in Fiji and that was not a very easy time, but the reunion was therefore great.

Both doggies have been well taken care of and had no issues given their age. (Wallace is 14 years old and Wendolene is 12 years old.) Thanks to the PetRelocation team, who gave us great advice how to prepare the doggies for travel.

This service has been extremely helpful to us because of the flexibility and professionalism we have been met with.

Pet Move Details:

Name: Esther
Pets' Names: Wallace & Wendolene
From: San Francisco Bay Area, California
To: Savusavu, Fiji

Thanks to Esther for sharing this pet move story with us! Planning your own pet relocation? Please contact us for a pet travel consultation.


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Incredible Experiences



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