Incredible Experiences: Winston & Remy to the United Kingdom

Hi Linda and Maegan,

Jon and I (Remy and Winston, too) would like to thank you for the excellent experience we had transporting our fur babies to the UK. We appreciated your thoroughness, attention to detail, and fantastic communication throughout the entire process.

large dog shipping to uk

We (I, really) was very nervous about the whole process. As I'm sure you have witnessed with other clients, our pets are our children. Since Remy is a breed with a "snubbed nose," I was even more nervous; scared that he may have troubles breathing, etc.

Not being able to fly with them in my view was a very scary thing to think about and you all seriously made me exceptionally relaxed about the entire process. I thought that I would have anxiety and be worried the entire flight, and I am happy to report that I was able to sleep.

cat relocation to the UK

Again, we appreciate your warmest regards for our pets and your careful attention to detail and communication. We are exceedingly happy with your services!

Thank you,

Eliza and Jon


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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



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