Incredible Experiences: Winston’s Journey to Japan

winstonIncredible Experiences: Dog Transport to Japan

A few months ago my husband was offered a position in Okinawa, Japan and we were very excited. We love to travel and adopted Winston when we lived in South Korea a few years ago.

We were looking forward to another exciting adventure, but quickly realized that Japan has a strict and lengthy process for bringing in pets. We were unprepared and in a panic. After researching our options, I found PetRelocation and I am incredibly thankful that I did.

Winston arrived in Okinawa last night and is already loving his new home. I was incredibly nervous about Winston traveling without us because he can get anxious in unfamiliar situations.

But he did very well and I credit that to the professionals that made his journey as comfortable as possible. Sarah and Brooke both did an amazing job. It is obvious that they genuinely care about making this experience as stress free as possible.

Okinawa is a very pet friendly place and you can bring your dog just about anywhere! We are so happy to have Winston here and know he is going to love it.

Thank you again, PetRelocation!



Pet Transport Details:

Name: Erica
Pet's Name: Winston
From: Washington, D.C.
To: Okinawa, Japan


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