Incredible Experiences: Wrigley Moves to Tokyo

wrigley"Wrigley's Relocation to Japan"

My husband and I recently moved to Tokyo for his job. We were very excited about the new adventure, but less excited about all the work associated with moving and very nervous about figuring out how to get our dog, Wrigley, over to Japan.

I had looked into the dog import procedures for Japan ahead of time, so I knew how complicated it was going to be (the whole process takes about 6 months). I didn't want to have to worry about making mistakes on paperwork, and it turns out we needed to head over to Tokyo before Wrigley's quarantine period was up.

I decided to look for companies that could provide door-to-door service, and I found a several that I reached out to. Sarah was the first one to get back to me (+1 for me), and after talking through some of our unique issues with her, I felt like we could trust PetRelocation to handle Wrigley's move the best.

Our Client Care Specialist, Mandy, was really great at answering my questions and kept me updated throughout the process once we started with the import procedures. The travel day was the part I was most worried about, and it honestly could not have gone any smoother.

Mandy and the agent on the Japan side kept me updated each step of the way, and Wrigley made it to Tokyo safe and sound. She didn't even seem phased when she got to our apartment, and was pretty much back to normal by the next day.

She seems to be adjusting quite well, and we still have a lot of new areas to discover! Many thanks to Sarah and Mandy for keeping me calm and handling Wrigley's move. It was so great to have one less thing to worry about during our move overseas.

I highly recommend PetRelocation to anyone moving pets abroad.



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Stephanie
Pet's Name: Wrigley
From: San Francisco, USA
To: Tokyo, Japan

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