Incredible Experiences: Zoey’s Relocation to California

Shipping dogs cross country"Zoey's Move From Texas to California"

To say Zoey is my baby would be a huge understatement. She is my heart and soul. I got her as a tiny, tiny puppy and we've both grown up and been through a LOT of life together.

When I FINALLLLY finished school and received a job offer across the country, I needed to find a safe way to transport my beautiful mutt to our new destination. Cue PetRelocation. Their wonderful staff was kind, caring, and SO helpful.

Catie and Katy were wonderful. Not only did they find the best flight route for Zoes, they helped me to feel more at ease about Zoey traveling by flight.

Finally, it was the day for her to make her big trip. Zoey was picked up at my mother's house by a kind woman named Jenny. My mom informed me that Jenny was calm and soothing with Zoey, and that Zoey really loved her.

Katy kept me posted all throughout Zoey's trip, starting early in the day. I received a number of emails from her with updates regarding her flight status. She even emailed me at home from work just to keep me posted! Wow.

I picked Zoe-Zoes up from the airport and she was perfect and happy. She landed in sunny California and was ready for some cuddles.

PetRelocation was wonderful! These women who worked with me and Zoes went above and beyond for us and they were just terrific!!

Thank you for getting my loving, sweet, beautiful mutt baby to me safely! :) :) Ya'll were great!

Thanks to Zoey's owner for sharing this Incredible Experience with us! Looking for help with a pet move of your own? Contact PetRelocation to start building a customized move plan.


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