Jasmine’s Travel Story: Pet Shipping to Australia

Dog in AustraliaIncredible Experiences: Jasmine's Move to Australia

When I found out my husband was going to be transferred to Australia I was thrilled. We had been wanting to visit "down under" for years. Then I started doing research on importing my dog and found out that Australia is probably the most difficult country for a dog to get in to -- lots of red tape and tests starting about six months before you leave. Then, once you get your dog there is also a quarantine.

But I have to say, with the help of PetRelocation everything went off without a hitch. I have made international moves with my dog before this by myself, but I would not have even attempted doing this move on my own.

When they delivered her to my door, she jumped out of the van, ran to give me a little love, and immediately started sniffing around and checking out her new environment. She wasn't stressed in the slightest.

I attribute much of that to the professional and obviously friendly treatment she got along the way. Thanks to PetRelocation for taking such wonderful care of my little girl. I know when we leave to go back to the States, I will be calling you to handle the return trip.

Thanks for everything!!!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Beth
Pet's Name: Jasmine
From: Olivehill, TN
To: Darwin, NT, AU

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