Jasper’s Move Story: Dog Transport Across the US

Jasper Incredible Experiences: Jasper's Move to Arizona

I moved from Portland, Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona as part of a work promotion. While the thought of moving is overwhelming enough, the idea of "moving" my dog was just over-the-top.

I was more than concerned about how Jasper would get down here -- the idea of him being "shipped" felt too much like a package being sent -- I needed more assurances that he would be more than a package to them.

Honestly, I found PetRelocation through a Google search and after reading some testimonials, felt pretty good with their service. What sold me was Rebecca's service when we first spoke and emailed -- I knew that Jasper would be well cared for and she did not disappoint.

Here's the kicker, I was already in Phoenix and my dog was staying with family so I went for the full door-to-door service. AMAZING. He was picked up promptly, all his paperwork was handled in advance so there were no last minute "things" to worry about. I received update emails to let me know how things were going on Jasper's big travel day, and before you know it, my dog and I were reunited.

Rebecca and all of her team took care of everything and also CARED for Jasper like he was just as important to them as he is to me.

Thanks for all you have done.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Michael
Pet's Name: Jasper
From: Portland, OR
To: Phoenix, AZ

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