Marty’s Journey Overseas: Shipping Cats to the UK

Marty the cat moved to the UK from the US and everything went just purrfectly! Here's what his mom had to say about working with PetRelocation! 

I had the pleasure of working with Jill Rush. She did an incredible job and was extremely friendly, kind, and efficient. My cat’s travels had to be adjusted due to COVID and she was able to come up with alternativeMary the cat moved from the US to England solutions before I even was aware of a problem! 

I had confidence that my cat, Marty, would be just fine in PetRelocation’s hands. This was so important to me as moving a pet to a foreign country is challenging, and I consider my cat part of the family! It would have been impossible for me to do it on my own. Jill was especially helpful with the veterinarian paperwork. She called during the vet appointment and was able to help the staff complete and submit the forms. I would’ve been lost without her! My cat and I have settled into England well and it is all thanks to PetRelocation. All I can really say is that I am grateful! Thank you and a huge thank you to Jill!

So happy we could help put your mind at ease! 
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