Moving a Boston Terrier Overseas: Hazel’s Travel Story

For most pet owners, moving a pet is one of many pieces in a larger relocation puzzle. With so many other stressors related to moving across the country or overseas, it's often a huge relief to know that a professional is ensuring the pet process goes as seamlessly as possible. As Sarah found out, there can be unanticipated hiccups, and having someone there to manage everything can make a world of difference. See her note to us below!   

moving boston terrier to europe I recently decided to make the move from New Hampshire to Belfast to settle permanently with my soon-to-be husband.  The move was incredibly stressful, trying to sort out my visa, work with lawyers, arrange to have my belongings shipped via crate, and of course, I had to move my nine-year-old Boston Terrier as well. I was terrified.  

I reached out to a couple of other pet services, but without a doubt, your company provided the fastest and most thorough response. It was expensive, but I felt confident I was getting the best care compared to the others. It was definitely true.
Catie Cox called me twice before I even paid to make sure I understood the process and what I would be getting. Every time I emailed her with a question, she replied within hours of my original email.

When we were ready to start scheduling vet appointments, we began working with Katy Hearne-Church. She was amazing.  She walked me through every step and gave me a timeline so I knew exactly what to expect. I know my vet was well-intentioned, but they were clearly not experts in this international process. I think at least 3 or 4 times I received bad info from the vet's office, and I was able to immediately reach out to Katy for help. Her response time was amazing, and she stepped into every confusing situation offering expertise and solutions. At one point I told my (now) husband that I wished I could have hired her to organize the entire move.

shipping dogs to Belgium    shipping dogs to Europe

On the day of the move, we drove five hours to Newark airport in a rental car.  My husband jumped out at the terminal with four suitcases, a crate, and our dog. I drove back and returned the car, and in the chaos of trying to manage everything, we somehow left our paperwork in the rental and didn't realize it until Anthony met us an hour later to complete our transition.  I immediately started to panic, but Anthony from Pet Away (who facilitated Hazel's check-in process) wouldn't let me. He put my husband in his car and the two of them drove to the rental agency to find it. He explained the situation, and in no time they had four employees searching every rental on the lot for the lost paperwork. When they found it, he called to let me know it was going to be ok and they were on their way back. I was in tears by then, and I couldn't believe it had worked out. He was calm and confident the entire time and helped me get Hazel ready for her trip.

I honestly don't know what I would have done without every single person I worked with. We had so much going on with the entire move, but I knew that Hazel's safety was the one thing I never needed to worry about.  Hazel arrived safely in Dublin about seven hours later and is adjusting well to life in Ireland. She doesn't like the rain very much, but she's happy and healthy and I know she wouldn't be here without your amazing team.


Pet Travel Details:

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Boston Terrier
Pet Name: Hazel
From: New Hampshire, USA
To: Northern Ireland

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