Moving a Cat to Australia: Lucy’s Story

Moving to a new country should be fun. It's an adventure! However, that new chapter in your life can be a little scary when you realize how confusing the process can be. That's what Christopher, cat dad to adorable Lucy, found. So, he was relieved when he found out that PetRelocation could help with all his cat's needs for her journey! Here's their story! 

When I learned at the beginning of 2019 that I was appointed to a job at a university in Australia I was really excited, but that soon turned to anxiety when I realized all of the steps that would be required to relocate my family and our beloved cat Lucy to Australia.

Cats relocating to Australia  Lucy the cat relocated to Australia

I realized pretty quickly that I would need help. After I saw all of the positive reviews online for PetRelocation, I figured that I would reach out. From the get-go, PetRelocation was responsive and adaptable to the changing nature of my plans. They worked with my new employer in Australia to receive direct payment as part of my relocation package. This helped tremendously. From there, the steps from the very first vet visit to the day we picked her up from the airport in Canberra, our relocation coordinator, Ellen, assured us that the logistics were taken care of an more importantly that Lucy was safe and looked after. In the end, we're so happy to have worked with the PetRelocation team and would definitely recommend your services to anyone that requires them.

Thanks, Christopher! We're so happy we could keep you and Lucy together. 
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