Moving Dogs from the Continental US to Hawaii: Pet Travel Spotlight

Thank you to Deborah for trusting in our services to relocate her three dogs from Washington to Hawaii! Here's the travel experience she shared with us.

I have lived all my life in California. Our plan was to retire either in the Seattle area or Kauai. Then my husband died and the plans of Kauai just didn’t make sense for a widow. I retired from my job and moved to the Seattle area to see if I could make it through the winter, but my medical condition made their winters just too difficult for my body, so plan B - I decided to move to Oahu.
I tried for six months researching how to get my late husband’s dog and my two dogs on the plane in the cabin with me. Each time hitting a dead end. I completed all the blood work and other Hawaii paperwork for the move but was worried I wouldn’t be able to get 300 pounds of dog, their crates, my luggage and me to the airport in time for the flight. If you want same day release of your animals, you must fly early as the processing office closes earlier in the day than the late afternoon flights landing at Honolulu. If you get in after 3, your pets go into quarantine even if you have done all the correct paperwork - just for the night. But you have to pay for it. And times three. It’s not cheap.
I chose PetRelocation because I wanted to walk out of that airport and have my dogs on the same day. Garrett walked me through each step necessary to get the job done. If I had tried doing it myself, one of my dogs wouldn’t have made it as I had no idea he was too big for a standard crate. Imagine getting to the airport and leaving behind one of three dogs or missing the flight entirely and having to come back after finding a custom crate. It would have been a nightmare. Luckily I walked onto the plane and after being seated, I was told my dogs were on board with me. Garrett kept in contact with me through the entire flight and even afterward.
These dogs are all I have left of my family. It was important to me that they arrived happy and not stressed.
I’m a happy camper!! And my dogs are starting to enjoy Oahu.

Pet Travel Details:

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breeds: German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd 
Pet Names: Drogo, Eiger, and Oso
From: Seattle, Washington, USA
To: Hawaii, USA

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By neil holt on April 10, 2018 at 6:37 pm

Planned trip...mid June to end of September (exact dates not yet set). LAX to Boston preferably a direct flight. Our dog is an 80 lb. female lab/rotwieler mix. We have the XL kennel which only fits in certain airline cargo doors. Please review this request and contact me with any questions. My wife and I will be on same flight as dog. For departure, dog will be at 4284 Moore St. LA 90066 . Delivery in Boston will be to hotel 3 miles from airportNeil Holt 909-208 -0802

By Maegan at PetRelocation on April 16, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Hi Neil, thanks for your note! I will put your information in front of a consultant to reach out to you. In the future, the quickest way to make contact with a member of our staff is by filling out our Arrange a Move Form here. Looking forward to helping with your move!

By Angel Cross on April 9, 2018 at 8:57 am

Oh my goodness, Deborah! Your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dear husband, but I'm very glad you were able to move your babies safely to a place where all of you can thrive. A loss such as yours can be so devastating. So to be able to have all 3 of your babies come with you helps to ease the sorrow. Your story has deeply touched my heart. God bless and sending prayers of healing for you and your furbabies as they miss their Daddy too. <3

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