Moving Dogs to China: Boo and Connie’s Travel Story

Moving pets to China can seem like a daunting process, but with the right knowledge and planning, relocating pets there can be safe and routine. We recently moved two adorable dogs, Boo (a Labrador Retriever) and Connie (a Shih-Poo), to Shanghai from the United States!

Here's their story:

bringing dogs to china We were so happy to get our pups here!

As you can see from the arrival picture, both dogs arrived in excellent physical condition and didn’t seem stressed at all. They have adapted to apartment living surprisingly well, which was helped, I’m sure, by the great care they received in transit.

Their weight was good and they had no stomach upset when they arrived. They were also pretty clean, and their kennels were clean as well. During transit, we greatly appreciated all of the updates we received. The only glitch was that we forgot to get a customs form for the dogs when we arrived, but we just paid a fee and Kelcey handled it for us. When we return home in 3 years we will definitely use this company. 

Everyone we worked with in the US and Shanghai were very organized and professional. Thank you!

relocating small dog to china moving dogs from US to China


Thank you to Jennifer and her family for trusting us with Boo and Connie's relocation! We hope you are all enjoying China!

Name: Jennifer
Pet Names: Boo and Connie
Pet Type: Dogs
From: Michigan, USA
To: Shanghai, China

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