Moving From Unlisted Countries: Luke’s Story

Australia is an exciting place to move to but can be a challenge if you are coming with pets from an unlisted country. That's what Larissa realized when she started to prepare her dog, Luke, for his move. So, she called PetRelocation. Here's her story! 

After my husband and I got approved for an Australian Visa, we were excited and worried about how we would take our dog, Luke, with us. We tried reading about it on the Australian and the Brazilian Government's website but everything was very confusing. Even when talking to some other animal parents that went through the process, it seemed like every story had different steps. 

It was not until we reached out to Bill Condry with PetRelocation that we felt secure. Finally! All of my questions were answered properly. Bill was patient and helped us in a courteous manner— even after my 100th email in a week! That showed us that Luke was in for a ride where he would be safe and taken care of by good people.


small dog moves to Australia


Eventually, we were introduced to our relocation coordinator, Nina Farber.  She helped us by holding my hand through the whole process. She was fantastic and so patient. Thanks to her Luke is here with us having a blast in Australia! 
Luke arrived safe and healthy. PetRelocation gave us peace of mind in the most respectful way. 

We were so excited to be part of Luke's adventure. Planning a trip with your own pet? Let us help


PetRelocation Team


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