From South Africa to Canada: Moving Logan and Scarlett

Moving large dogs, snub-nosed dogs, and making your way across the world can all present challenges. This family was facing all three! Thank you to Asher for trusting us with managing Scarlett and Logan's very long journey! We are happy to see them enjoying the surroundings of their new home in Canada. You can read their story below.

shipping snub nose dogsWe started looking at the beginning of the year how we might move our two rescues, Logan the Frenchton and Scarlett the Greyhound, from South Africa to Canada. We had a number of concerns with Logan being brachycephalic, Scarlett being a large dog and the move requiring two 10 hour flights. We started talking to a number of firms and found ourselves talking to Evelyn at PetRelocation. She was incredibly patient with us and answered questions over and over. We decided to use PetRelocation based on these initial exchanges. We moved to Katy for the actual planning of the move and she was always happy to respond to questions.

Because of Logan's flat face, it was agreed that the dogs would fly several weeks before the owners, to ensure the weather wasn't too hot when departing the Southern hemisphere or too cold in the Northern hemisphere. This added to our stress, as we wouldn't be around to collect the two dogs from the airport. It made it critical for us that we could trust our relocation firm to handle collection to and from the airports.

shipping dogs to australia from united state
The actual travel wasn't without hitches, after Lufthansa stopped the dogs from catching their second flight, due to a document misunderstanding on their side. Katy managed to get photos from the Frankfurt Pet Lounge, to show us the dogs were okay. When they arrived in Vancouver, they were both tired but had no other issues.

All in all, Logan and Scarlett had a 62 hour door-to-door journey. They are currently settling in Vancouver and going on daily hikes, with owners to join several weeks later. The best advice we can give is to start planning everything early. The process is stressful enough, without it being rushed. 


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