Pet Customer Testimonial: Stella’s Move to London

stellaI did a lot of research with all types of animal transport companies before choosing PetRelocation, and at first I was nervous, as we didn't know what to expect, but we are SO glad that we chose PetRelocation and are very impressed and happy with their services.

We chose PetRelocation because of their experience with handling long distance pet transporting. We were won over by specialist Sarah Rosales' detailed descriptions of what our dog, Stella, would be going through during the long flight as well as the hours before and after.

Specialist Abbey was also amazingly helpful and patiently answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns with a warm and timely professionalism. With her help, we did not have to worry much about anything! She prepared all documents, contacted the two vets we had for Stella, and arranged all correspondence between agents.

And the absolute best part about PetRelocation is their pick-up and drop-off services - we only had to crate train Stella, and on the day of her flight she was simply handed over to an experienced agent. The timing was perfect! - I flew out of Los Angeles two hours after her flight, and arrived home in London to wait for her to clear Customs. Abbey kept us very well informed about Stella's status, from the moment she checked into her flight, to when she landed, cleared Customs, and when she was on her way over to us!

Just an hour or two after I arrived, she was delivered to our door by a friendly London transport agent, which Abbey had coordinated as well. When we saw her, we were so thrilled to be reunited again!

Stella is adjusting nicely to London (although the weather here leaves something to be desired), and she is enjoying long walks in the park near our home and finally spending some quality time with both her "mom" and "dad".

Thanks so much to PetRelocation for an amazing job! :)

Name: Pauline
Pet's Name: Stella
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA
To: London, England, UK


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