Pet Move Client Story: Lucy’s Move to Singapore

Lucy in SingaporeIncredible Experiences: Lucy's Singapore Adventure

When we first discussed relocating to Singapore for a couple of years, our major concern was our chocolate lab, Lucy, as we couldn't imagine going without her. She had traveled across the US a number of times by car, but had never gone anywhere in the cargo hold of a plane.

We were also concerned about a potential long stay in quarantine for her, not to mention the paperwork and shots involved for export/import requirements. When we learned that quarantine in Singapore would only be 10 days if the paperwork and immunizations were absolutely perfect, we thought it was a possibility.

After hearing of PetRelocation and the door-to-door service they provide along with expert advice about everything from travel crates to flight routes, our minds were put at ease enough to go ahead with the move.

In retrospect, I couldn't imagine doing this kind of move without PetRelocation. It was clear from how Cara and her team handled the process that this company loves animals, understands their important roles as family members, and wants to do the best for their furry customers. Cara's attention to detail and the reminders and assistance she provided every step of the way decreased our stress around this move substantially.

We will be calling PetRelocation again when we return to the US!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Ricky
Pet's Name: Lucy Blue
From: Breckenridge, Colorado
To: Singapore

Learn more about pet travel to Singapore and let us know if you need help arranging your pet's move!


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