Pet Move Customer Story: A Dog Relocation to the UK

Incredible Experiences: Freddie's Journey Overseas

I had looked into bringing my dog Freddie over from the US to the UK for months ever since I made the move myself.

I researched both handling everything myself and a variety of companies that would handle the arrangements. After researching for over 10 months, PetRelocation was actually the last company I looked at and so I was quite surprised when I emailed them and they requested that I call. Every other company had just sent me an email, some with a brief introduction but most with just a cost estimate.

When I called PetRelocation, Cara spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me answering all my questions, giving me a ton of information and generally making me feel better about putting my precious cargo on an airplane across the Atlantic. (I had honestly contemplated leaving him happily in the States with my mom rather than risk any dangers of a flight.)

Cara made me feel comfortable with every part of the process, and I was impressed at how personal the phone call was, how much she clearly cared, and that the company basically required a real phone conversation and didn't just send out an emailed price quote. So, when their quote came in and was well in line with their competitors, it was no contest.


From then on the service from both Cara and then Bethany, who handled all of Freddie's logistics, was fantastic. They worked with both me in the UK and my mother, who was keeping Freddie in the US. They were always incredibly and immediately responsive to any and all questions and concerns (and we had a lot!) and never made us feel like we were a bother or being silly.

When the USDA called with a question and I received an overseas voicemail, I sent a panicked email to Bethany and she had called the USDA and cleared up the question in less than five minutes. When we worried that rural FedEx service would not be sufficient for the fast turnaround needed on some of the veterinary paperwork, Bethany made sure that the USDA and others got the paperwork out on time to arrive.

Last night, as Fred boarded his flight and made the red-eye trip to the UK, I was actually able to sleep as Cara and Bethany had made me feel confident that Freddie was going to be all right. I know that I would never have been as calm or assured if I had attempted the process myself, or if I had used another company.


My vet was so impressed with the quality of Bethany's assistance in filling out the medical paperwork, that he asked for the name of the company I was using to bring Freddie over - and he has worked with a lot of pet shippers over the years.

Upon arrival in the UK the Animal Reception Centre, folks said that our paperwork had been filled out perfectly and they were impressed because they so rarely saw paperwork without any errors.

Most importantly, Cara and Bethany and everyone at PetRelocation took an interest in Freddie as an important part of my family and took joy in helping us be reunited and in Freddie's safe arrival.

Although Freddie seemed a bit confused (where am I? Why is it snowing?) he was so excited to see me, wriggling and jumping and yipping. He was happy as a clam, and although a bit jet lagged, no worse for the trip. As I write this, Freddie is asleep at my feet, content on his new bed with a half gnawed bone by his side.

I couldn't recommend a company more and if we ever travel back across the Pond, I will look no further than PetRelocation to move us again!

Thank you so much for reuniting our family!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Claire
Pet's Name: Freddie
From: Florida, US
To: UK

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