Pet Move Customer Story: Couscous’s Move to China

couscousName: Alex
Pet's Name: Couscous
From: Seattle, WA, USA
To: Beijing, China

My wife got a job in Beijing this summer and we had to find a safe and comfortable way to move our cat, Couscous with us. I didn't find any pet relocation companies that had a completely clean track record and I spent a good deal of time researching online. I would have been okay with Couscous staying in the US if we could find a good home for her, but she is by no means a normal cat. She pretty much hates everyone else on the planet besides my wife and I, unfortunately.

Another thing that really worried me was that Beijing has a required quarantine for all animals coming in from out of the country. I read quite a few testimonials from people about the horrible conditions of the quarantine and that was just not an option. That's actually what immediately struck me about when I first called them. Before I even asked about it, I was told that to move my cat to China would cost more than most other destinations, because they refused to have an animal go through the quarantine. They would have to fly the cat in to Hong Kong, go through customs, and then schedule another flight to Beijing. That was an instant win for me. I will absolutely pay more money if it means that my cat will be safe and healthy, and I found it reassuring that they held this standard and didn't give me an alternative.

A few months before our move we were assigned a relocation manager to help navigate us through the blizzard of paperwork and other procedures that are required by Chinese customs to bring a pet into the country. Our relocation manager's name was Elaine, and she couldn't have been more helpful and available to us from start to finish. What would have been a incredibly arduous process was made relatively easy with Elaine's help and guidance. They even took multiple pictures of Couscous during her trip to assure us that she was doing well.

The attached picture is of Couscous within a few days of arriving in Beijing. As you can see, she's pretty dang comfy and content. I have a great deal of gratitude to Elaine, and for taking such good care of her and relieving us of a great deal of stress.



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