Pet Move Customer Story: Mopy & Zucarin’s Move to Australia

Mopy and Zucarin in AustraliaIncredible Experiences: Dog Travel to Australia

Mopy and Zucarin are part of the family, so when we decided to move from Mexico to Australia the first concern was how to relocate them.
They are nine and eight years old, and they had never been away from the family for more than a couple of days. Both of them were rescued from the streets, Mopy suffered a lot, she only has one eye. We didn't want them to suffer again.
Reading many histories and trying to understand the requisites for dogs to enter Australia, we decided to trust in PetRelocation for the guidance, paperwork, the pet flights, etc.
PetRelocation was very kind answering our questions and they explained in detail many things to us. For example: the required times, vaccines and blood tests for the dogs to be allowed entry to Australia (a very restrictive country). They take care of every detail and the dogs are the most important part for them. For example they suggested the crate-training process, so at the time of the long flight the dogs do not suffer or get stressed.
During their flight from Austin to LA and from LA to Melbourne, the PetRelocation specialist kept us informed all the way and that made us feel calmed.
After a month in the quarantine station in Melbourne, finally the pups are again with us. They looked very good; we were concerned because, although it is spring in Australia, the climate is very cold. They put some infrared lamps to heat the place where Mopy and Zucarin stayed to keep them warm.
Also, in the past Zucarin had very sensitive skin, specially when the climate is too cold. He scratches a lot when this happens, but we think that due to the high quality food that they feed them at the quarantine station Zucarin has perfect skin and hair right now!!
The whole family is happy now that the dogs are with us again, they enjoy walking around the corner and they are making Aussie-pet-friends. The pups are very happy!!
Thanks a lot Abbey and Mike!! Thanks to PetRelocation for allowing us to keep our family together!!
Mopy, Zucarin, Marisa, Denisse, Lissette, Hilda & Max.
Pet Travel Details:
Name: Max
Pets' Names: Mopy & Zucarin
From: Mexico
To: Australia

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