Pet Move of the Month: Bobo’s Move to Portland

BoboIncredible Experiences: Dog Transport From China to Oregon

This month we're shining the spotlight on Bobo, a sweet Border Collie who moved from China to Portland! Bobo's dad needed to relocate for work and knew he'd be bringing Bobo along, and our Specialists Kelcey and Evelyn were happy to oversee the move.

Read more about Bobo (and enjoy that smiling face)!

What brought about your move?

I work for an international company and I was relocated to the headquarters in greater Portland.

Did anything surprise you about the pet travel process?

During our research we figured out that some documents and certificates would be not easy to get, especially relating to the China/Hong Kong/US border and customs, so we decided to go with PetRelocation to help us during the process.

How did you prepare Bobo for the trip?

We bought Bobo’s travel crate as soon as we knew we were going to relocate so we had the proper time to introduce the crate to her. Then we made sure she had some time alone inside the kennel and we spent a few hours driving the car with Bobo inside the crate. We wanted to make sure she would be comfortable with the crate’s environment when the time came to fly.



How has the transition to your new home been?

One of the motivations behind our move is that we were going to one of the most pet friendly cities in United States: Portland. We are very happy with this aspect of the move.

What advice do you have for people who might be starting to plan their pet’s move?

Be sure to have the proper time and patience to get your pet used to the crate, it’s really important for the pet to feel safe in that environment. Most important, make sure you have the proper support in order to get all the documents you’ll need.



What made you decide to hire PetRelocation to assist you?

An international relocation usually brings a lot of stress, and moving our dog is definitely something that we did not want to take any risks with. We didn't want to miss a single document and have our dog stuck in transit or have trouble with exporting/importing her to one country to another.

A simple search on the internet showed us that PetRelocation was the best choice to make.

Thank you to Bobo's owner for answering our questions and for choosing us to assist! Good luck to them in their new home.

Need some help with a pet move of your own? Contact us to learn about your safe pet transport options.


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