Pet Move of the Month: Charlie’s Relocation to Hong Kong

Incredible Experiences: A Dog's Journey From the US to Hong Kong

Charlie is one of those dogs who you can immediately tell would be a fun guy to hang out with. From his snappy accessories to his adventurous demeanor, he's a pup that fits in well with pet parents who are up for anything, too.

This is why we decided to feature Charlie as our Pet Move of the Month! He went from the United States to Hong Kong and is having a great time in his new home. Read on to find out more about his move, which was the first international pet move for the family.

Thanks to Mallory for answering our questions!

What brought about your move to Hong Kong?

As a corporate pilot my husband had been commuting to/from the Middle East from the States. With a pretty dramatic change in schedule, we took it as an opportunity to pursue something we have wanted to do for quite a while -- a move overseas. We visited Hong Kong during his job interviews and confirmed it to be a perfect fit for us all, including Charlie.

What were some of your initial concerns?

Basically the stress on the dog; both in the long distance itself, transiting, possible delays and missed connections, and how to deal with possible quarantine issues on the other end. And of course, paperwork being correct upon arrival.

We wanted to minimize the period of stress for Charlie and feel confident there would be no controllable issues we would create if the myriad of paperwork wasn't filled out properly.

What surprised you about the pet travel process to Hong Kong?

The hidden details among the preparation and boxes to check. For example, Hong Kong required a specific type/brand of microchip implanted in Charlie. Perhaps not so much surprise, but relief that we didn't have to navigate the myriad of forms, prep and vet visits on our own while wondering the entire way if all would be in order when he arrived.



How did Charlie handle the transition?

Very well! He hopped out of his crate at our apartment just a couple hours after his flight landed, gave us a hug and went over to his food and water for a quick snack as if he'd been living here all along. Aside from a little jetlag, he was in perfect shape.

Is Hong Kong a pet friendly place to be?

It seems to be very pet friendly -- especially in the neighborhood we live. But almost any area we have visited in Hong Kong, we have found people with their dogs, pet shops etc... And everyone seems to be very fond of Charlie and always stops to ask how old he is and are surprised to learn he isn't a puppy! 

My favorite experience was when a little girl (probably about 2 years old) stopped to blow bubbles in Charlie's direction and she and her grandparents laughed as Charlie chased after the bubbles -- it was so cute!

What advice do you have for people who might be planning a pet move?

Do your research. Consult PetRelocation if you have concerns about which airlines would be used, quarantine and basically any silly question you can think of!



What made you decide to hire PetRelocation to assist you?

After talking to Sarah and Amber on the phone, we knew that this big move would go smoothly. Everyone really seemed experienced and let us know exactly what to expect -- we really had no stress worrying about Charlie's safety and proper documentation.

Please contact us if you have any questions about moving a pet to Hong Kong, and congratulations, Charlie!


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