Pet Move of the Month: Four Pets Travel to Thailand!

diego & zeke golden retrieversThis month's featured pet move spotlights the journey of a family who wouldn't think of relocating to Thailand without everyone -- their four pets included.

Meet Zeke and Diego (two Golden Retrievers) and George and Zack (two Bombay cats) -- they recently made the trip from California to Chiang Mai, and their story is truly an incredible experience.

Here are a few highlights from their trip (generously provided by the pets' owner Carrie), and for further reading we recommend checking out their family blog, as well -- 2girls2dogs2cats. Enjoy!

How were you feeling at the beginning of the move process?

When I first received the quote, I thought, "Yikes! We certainly won't be using this service." However, after researching other options, I quickly realized that because of where we were going and the large amount of pet we were moving (two Goldens and two cats -- about 180 lbs of pet) to Chiang Mai, a place that requires at least one transfer, usually with a lengthy layover, this was the only safe option.

How are things going now?

Now, after everyone has settled into their new home in Chiang Mai, I am so thankful for PetRelocation. Tobi took over the move. She immediately gave me peace of mind. Everything was taken care of, the schedule was made clear, she walked my vet through the process, my pets arrived in great shape. I felt as though Tobi and PetRelocation cared for my animals as much as I did.


Jack the bird watcher

Were there any surprises?

When Tobi brought up the idea of driving them from Bangkok in an air conditioned van instead of them being out of air conditioning for one hour (the van in Chiang Mai did not have AC), I knew they would go above and beyond to ensure the comfort and safety of my pets. Your Bangkok team is amazing. With traffic, it became a ten hour drive. Three people, crammed in the cab of the van, arriving in our rural local at 3:30 am, refusing food, water and a place to sleep, brought our pets home to us.

How did hiring assistance make this an easier process?

I loved knowing where my pets were all the time. I received receipt scans from KLM cargo and Tobi updated me with feedback from your agents. I like knowing they were going to be walked, fed, watered, etc. whenever possible.

cat travel crate

George's world-traveling crate

2 Girls, 2 Dogs, 2 Cats

Thanks to Carrie for answering our questions! Again, we highly recommend reading her blog to find out more about this international adventure, but for now here are a few excerpts we enjoyed reading:

Upon the pets' arrival: "I offered their drivers food and a place to sleep, but they had arrangements in Chiang Mai and left, waving to us as they drove off. Wow. I was so impressed. The dogs were fine after peeing for a very, very long time. Their crates are plastered with stickers, like some vintage travel trunk. We were all together again."

Life in Thailand: "The house is great, and the property is beautiful, with a big field where the dogs can run through the kaffir lime and banana tree groves."

Settling in: "The pets’ move went very smoothly, and I have had no regrets about bringing them along. It is great having them here and they have helped minimize the homesickness. (Actually, I don't think any of us have been homesick yet…)"

This is great information for anyone traveling to Thailand with pets! Once again, thanks to Carrie and her family for sharing their move with us.

Need help moving internationally or domestically with your pets? Please contact us for a pet travel consultation. Happy traveling, everyone!


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