Pet Move of the Month: Gabo’s Move From Puerto Rico to Singapore

Shipping English Bulldogs internationally Meet Gabo, our April Pet Move of the Month! We had fun getting to know Gabo the English Bulldog during the weeks before his move from Puerto Rico to Singapore, and because he has such a great story (not to mention such a cute face), we thought all of our readers would like to meet him, too.

Read on to find out how he got ready for his relocation, what his mom did to prepare, and how they're doing now. Thanks to Gabo and his loving owner Vanessa for sharing their move and their story with us!

What surprised you about the pet travel process?

I was very surprised about all the requirements needed to bring a dog to Singapore. It is a very strict country, so we needed to plan everything very well. PetRelocation provided us with all the information required to complete Gabo's trip and helped to obtain the required permit and license for Gabo to enter the country.

Can you discuss any particular challenges or interesting details that go along with traveling to Singapore from Puerto Rico?

When we started researching the process by ourselves, we found out about the risks Gabo was facing because he is a short-nosed breed. Gabo is a 60 pound English Bulldog!

We also had a real concern regarding the long flight hours -- it's more than 30 hours from Puerto Rico to Singapore, making the situation even more difficult.

English bull dog relocates to Singapore

Several airlines notified us that Gabo wouldn't be able to travel such a long distance, but PetRelocation has a lot of experience with this type of breed. They searched for a safer way to move Gabo to Singapore by keeping in mind the best time, temperature, night flights, and pet-friendly airlines. Each detail was chosen to assure Gabo’s safety during the long trip.

From the first day we called, I started to feel more relaxed with the process. I really like the way that PetRelocation handled the entire process -- from the pick-up at hour house to Gabo’s arrival to Singapore three days later.

The process ran very smoothly from the beginning. The person that took care of Gabo from our house to the San Juan airport is a professional and a real pet lover. I received photos from each of his three stops during the trip. He had layovers at Miami and Frankfurt so he could rest prior to starting his next flights to Singapore. That detail was great for us and for him!

The contact person in Singapore also contacted me and provided Gabo’s status until his safe arrival to the quarantine station. Gabo needed to stay in the quarantine station for 30 days, which was the most difficult part of the process. But Gabo did it very well, and on the date of his last day we had already arrived to Singapore. Very early in the morning the contact person from Singapore called us and delivered Gabo to our new house. Gabo was very happy and excited to see us again (and being in a new country and a new culture, we were happy to see him, too!).

French bulldog moved to Singapore in travel crate

How did you prepare Gabo for the trip and how has he handled the transition so far?

Gabo is a dog that was never inside a kennel before, so per PetRelocation's recommendation, we started to crate train Gabo three months before the trip.

We introduced Gabo to the kennel starting with one hour a day. We also put the kennel in the car and completed short trips. He started to feel comfortable within a week and we started to felt less anxious. After that week, he started to love the kennel and traveling in the car. I also talked to him all day to explain the trip to him, and I am very sure that he understood the process from the beginning since he is a very smart dog.

Now he is adapted to the new country and he is very happy. Since we also come from an island and the weather is the same in Singapore as it is in Puerto Rico, Gabo has adapted very well to his new place. He is taking long walks around one of the most beautiful and exciting places in Asia!

English bulldog moves from Puerto Rico to Singapore

What advice do you have for people who might be planning a pet move?

For people who are planning a pet move, we recommend reading other pet travel stories. Also, you need to hire a company you can trust. Try to relax and let the professionals handle the process. As a family member, our pet needs to feel comfortable during the travel process. With PetRelocation's services, I felt that Gabo was never alone, and that was one of my greatest concerns. They treated him like family, too.

What made you decide to hire PetRelocation to assist you?

From the first notification from our company that we were going to be relocated from Puerto Rico to Singapore for a new work project, we started the process of moving Gabo with us. If he couldn't go with us, we wouldn't go either... So the search for a company started and we found PetRelocation after reviewing several companies.

Love my English bulldog

What made me select PetRelocation's services instead of the other ones is the great experience and kind support they provided. I want my dog to be in the best hands possible, and PetRelocation had everything we were searching for from the first call. Immediately I obtained clear and precise information about the move.

The way that Mandy O’Connell, our agent, understood and clarified all my questions from the beginning made me start to feel very comfortable and relaxed with the upcoming process. They provided me with all the requirements needed. They also worked very closely with Gabo’s Veterinary Office in Puerto Rico in order to be in compliance with all medical requirements required for Gabo to enter the country.

Pet travel, especially long-distance trips, should be completed with help and coordination from a great company. The PetRelocation team made the process very smooth.


Thanks again, Vanessa! We look forward to hearing more updates from Gabo's life in Singapore. :)

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