Pet Move of the Month: Larry’s Move to Minnesota

Our pet move of the month features Larry, who moved from California to Minnesota recently. Below are some words his owner Ricardo shared with us about the experience!


golden retriever shipped cross countryThe service provided by Katie Harris was great and put us at ease... Larry has relocated with us several times internationally and this was our first domestic move, and first time using PetRelocation, and by far the best one compared to other companies we used. The updates were great and it made us really trust the process. Thank you!

What brought about your move to Minnesota?

We relocated from Northern California to Minnesota for my work.

Did anything surprise you about the pet travel process?

Larry moved internationally and domestically before, we sort of knew what to expect but your attentive service and follow up made us more at ease than at other times

How did Larry handle the move and how is he settling in?

Larry was a pro, did not have any problems and was very calm when he left our house in CA and of course, very happy when he saw us at the end of the day here in Minnesota! He is loving it here… many walks around the lakes, a bit of canoeing with us and he is ready for the winter! Larry loves snow (we used to go to Lake Tahoe often in CA during winter time) so he’s ready for the winter whenever it comes. :) 

dog moves to the beach

What advice do you have for people who might be starting to plan their pet’s move?

Ask as many questions that you have to get yourself familiarized with the service.. and then trust the team. They will provide you all sort of updates the week before, then the pick up date and throughout the transportation. If you want more updates, just ask (which is what we did). Every person we interacted with was an animal lover which made us feel at ease.

How pet friendly is your new home city? Feel free to share the names of any dog friendly places you’ve found! 

Well… for a golden retriever that loves water and snow like Larry this is paradise for him! :) 

Thank you to Ricardo for trusting us with Larry's move across the US! It looks like he's very happy in his new home city!


PetRelocation Team


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