Pet Move of the Month: Midas Moves to Qatar!

Recently we moved the most adorable little dog, Midas, from the US to Qatar! His mom was nice enough to tell us all about their journey!

What brought about your move to Qatar?

I am originally from Qatar, but I lived in Colorado for four years to pursue an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science. I got Midas during my time in Colorado and he has been my most encouraging and supportive companion that got me through university.

How is Midas handling the relocation? Has he settled in?

Midas has been settling in great! In the first few days, we were both dealing with getting over our jet lag which meant a lot of late-night walks. The most challenging aspect of Midas’ transition is getting him used to the significantly hotter temperatures here in Qatar. But I have set up a schedule to exercise him early in the morning and after sunset which has been working out great for him! Overall, I would say that he is very happy in his new home.

Dog moves to the middle east

What advise would you give other pet parents who are thinking about moving their pets?

The two pieces of advice that I would give to other pet parents who are thinking of relocating is to start preparing your pet for the long journey early and to put your full trust in PetRelocation. Preparing your pet for the journey is important, especially if you have a particularly sensitive companion. I personally chose to start getting Midas accustomed to his travel crate one month prior to his departure and I think that benefited him greatly during his trip. I also made sure to start introducing him to travel conditions, such as providing ice water, training him to eat out of his travel bowls in the crate, and practicing keeping him in the crate for longer periods of time to resemble close to his flight duration. The other advice is to full heartedly trust PetRelocation. I have witnessed through my experience that they truly care for your pets. They handled Midas’ move with diligence and exceptional attention to detail.

Did anything surprise you about the pet travel process?

Most of this process surprised me because, prior to contacting PetRelocation, I was relying on google search to try to figure out which import and health documents I needed filled out. But I did not realize how important the timeline would be for these documents. The health documents especially each had time frames allocated for them which are important for Midas’ import to avoid any time in quarantine. It would have been very stressful trying to keep track of all the specific dates and without any experience it is hard to know who to contact in Qatar and when is the appropriate time to do so.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I would consider myself to be a very paranoid and worrisome individual, especially when it regards the wellbeing of my pet. But I could not have asked for better help than from PetRelocation. They exceeded my expectations! I would not hesitate to contact them again for any moves in the future.

Pet-friendly spots!

There are a couple spots for you and your dogs to enjoy. Some of these spots include: Al Bidda Park, Wakrah Beach, Purple Island shoreline and mangroves, The Pearl, and Brouq Nature Reserve.  

Wow, what an awesome story! Thanks for sharing. 
If you're ready to start planning your own move to Qatar, or anywhere in the world, contact us today! 


PetRelocation Team


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