Pet Move of the Month: Olly and Maxwell Return to the US

Moving is emotional, especially when you have pets to think of. That's what Lauren, dog mom of Olly and Maxwell, discovered during her not one, but two relocations with us! We had the joy to assist in relocating these two wonderful pups to Thailand in 2018 and then back again a year and a half later. See what Lauren had to say about her experience traveling the world with her dogs! 

You’ve now done two moves with PetRelocation. What brought about your move to Thailand? What brought you back stateside? Maxwell the Dachshund relocated from Thailand to the United States

My husband’s job took us to Thailand. Now it’s taking us back to California. We’ll be living in or around San Francisco in a few months. 

Did you find either move more challenging than the other one? If so, why?

Both moves were challenging but the relocation coordinators we were paired with were amazing at dealing with all of our anxieties. Katy helped me so much on the first move when we faced an unexpected delay and Andrea had great advice for getting the dogs ready. Any time I felt nervous they were there reassuring me that everything was going to be ok. 

How did you hear about PetRelocation?

Honestly, I googled “the best pet relocation service” and PetRelocation had the best reviews!  

How did your pets handle the move day?

On the first move, they didn’t seem phased on moving day. Just confused. But the second time around was harder for all of us. I didn’t cry when they got picked up on the way to Thailand but I cried on the second move. It’s just so hard to be away from them, but I knew they were in great hands. 

What would you say surprised you the most about relocating pets internationally?

My husband and I were surprised that there was no quarantine to get them in or out of Thailand. That was a great surprise!

How long did it take Maxwell and Olly to settle into their new routine in Thailand? Are they settled in their US home yet?

They took about two weeks to get used to Bangkok. After that, it was sort of business as usual. However, I think they're happier in the States. They have more room to move around and the weather seems to agree with them more. It’s really nice to get them out of the big city and back home! 


Small dogs move from Thailand to the United StatesBichon Frise and Dachshund shipped internationally


What did you find to be the most valuable part of having PetRelocation assisting with your move?

The constant support and encouragement from the coordinators was the best. I was such a nervous wreck but always felt like Katy and Andrea were there if I needed them. 

What advice would you give other pet parents who are starting to plan their own move?

Try not to worry! Trust your relocation coordinator. 

Thanks, Lauren! We're so happy to hear they are settling in and are safe and sound with their family! What an incredible experience. If you're planning your move to Thailand, or anywhere, let us help


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