Pet Move of the Month: Philly’s Relocation to Australia

GoldendoodleIncredible Experiences: A Beloved Pet's Relocation to Australia

Philly the Goldendoodle recently moved from Houston to Sydney, finished out her quarantine, and now she's home with her loving family. As you might imagine, her owners (Amy and Stephen) are pretty excited to have their happy girl right next to them as they start the next chapter in their lives.

This was the first time Philly's owners had ever moved a pet (so they felt naturally uncertain about the whole thing), but as we've seen time and again, once the Pet Relocation Specialists step in and map out a plan, the doubts begin to fade.

Philly's owners did the right thing in getting the process started with us several months ago, and her whole trip went smoothly. Read on for more about Philly's move, and thanks to Amy, Stephen and Philly for sharing another great pet move story with us!

What were some of your concerns going into the move?

Philly's (and our!) anxiety on the flight. Not being able to see her everyday during quarantine. Something going wrong with the paperwork!

How is Philly adjusting to the new location?

She is so happy and lively, just as she has always been. It's like she was like "oh great, you're back, let's get on with life!"


Back when Philly was a younger pup


What is life like in Australia so far? Do you think it’s going to be a pet-friendly place to be?

We are Australian so we knew what we were getting in for. People love their animals here!

What advice do you have for people who might be planning a move?

Don't try and do it yourself! PetRelocation is much better at it!


Happy girl


Why did you decide to hire professionals to assist with Philly's move?

Less stress. We didn't even try (to do it ourselves) when we saw how much legality was involved. PetRelocation had the knowledge that we didn't, and Amber was always there to assure us things were okay and she answered our frantic questions.


Please contact us with any questions about moving pets to Australia (or elsewhere). Happy traveling, everyone!


PetRelocation Team


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