Pet Move of the Month: Pikachu the Guinea Pig

Incredible Experiences: Guinea Pig Transport to the United States

We recently moved Pikachu the guinea pig from Zurich, Switzerland to South Carolina!

Guinea pigs are one of the many pets we move internationally -- here's more about the logistics of guinea pig travel.

After his move, Pikachu sent us this great email to let us know what he thought -- it really is a fantastic PetRelocation customer experience when we get to hear it firsthand from the pet himself!


Dear PetRelocation,

Moving is always a stressful experience, but try being a guinea pig moving from Switzerland to the United States.

I have to rely on my pets to take care of the necessary arrangements to ensure I travel in first class style. This is well beyond my normal requests for food, water, and the occasional run around the house for some exercise.

Thankfully they were put in touch with PetRelocation. After filling out a few simple forms, PetRelocation took care of the rest.

I was picked up right from my home, transferred directly to the airport where my picture was taken (aren't I cute), boarded the plane in an environmentally controlled environment with my own dedicated travel pad.

My pets were informed of all my travel details, as well as, getting periodic phone calls updating them on my VIP status. After an uneventful trip over the Atlantic, I landed in Atlanta and whisked through customs without a hitch. My limo driver was waiting to pick me up and deliver me to my new home.


Thanks, Pikachu! We're glad you had a great trip!


Looking for help with a pet relocation of your own? Contact PetRelocation to connect with a Consultant who can discuss your options with you.


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in June 2010 and has been updated with new information.


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