Pet Move of the Month: Shipping Zeratul Across the US

large dog shipped across the united statesShipping a large dog across the United States is no easy task, which is why we are shining the spotlight on Zeratul's move this month! This adorable Lab mix is getting to experience the big city life after he and his mom relocated to New York City. Although Zeratul was too big to travel in-cabin, he had a safe and smooth flight in cargo and was enjoying his new home in no time!

Read more about Zeratul's journey and new home (not far from Central Park) below.

What brought about your move to New York?

I'm relocating to New York for a good career opportunity and different city life. I have been in Texas for more than 7 years and have always been in the warm areas my entire life. I'd like to try out something different! 

Did anything surprise you about the pet travel process?

Yes. At first, I thought I could bring Zeratul with me in the passenger cabin. After talking to Garrett from PetRelocation, I learnt that he had to be in the cargo area because he's too big! I was assured that the cargo area would have nice climate control so that Zeratul could have a comfortable flight. I also bought a new travel kennel that's sturdy and big enough for him. 

black lab moved cross country

How did Zeratul handle the move and how is he settling in?

Zeratul was crate-trained when he was young but it took us a while to get him used to the new kennel. After that, he did fairly well on the day of the flight. I hadn't seen him for a month since I moved to New York first. He was super excited when he saw me. He was also super curious about the new city and new place. He started rolling around on the rug immediately and playing with the toys I prepared for him! I don't think he had any jet lag or issues from the travel. He was energetic 100% right after the trip!

large dog moved domestically

What advice do you have for people who might be starting to plan their pet’s move?

If you have a medium or large dog, buy and train your dog in the travel kennel as early as possible! It can take some time.

dog shipped to new york as manifest cargo

How pet-friendly is your new home?

My apartment is pet-friendly and a good size. We were always living in apartments in Texas so Zeratul is very used to apartment living. There are several small dog parks around but Central Park is only a 10 min walk from my place which is unbeatable! It's very easy to walk around in New York and super nice to jog in the park with my doggie :). There are like three pet stores around the block and a vet clinic a 5-minute walk away. Extremely convenient!

black lab moved to New York. Good boy.

Thank you to Zeratul's mom for answering our questions and for letting us be a part of Zeratul's move! We hope they continue to enjoy their time together in New York City. 

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