Pet Move of the Month: Three Pets Travel to Oman

cyrus on the beachTraveling with three pets is stressful no matter where you're going, and when your destination happens to be far away and a bit unfamiliar (Oman, for example), it's all the more challenging.

That's why we were happy to step in and make Francis, Cyrus and Monkey's journey overseas a little easier for their owner Kim, a college professor and Fulbright Scholar (!), who had plenty to deal with on her own during this exciting transition.

Read more about these lucky pets and their incredible experience -- it looks like they have several months of fun adventure ahead!

What brought about your move?

I moved to Oman as a Fulbright Scholar. I am an archaeologist who will be teaching and conducting research here in Oman and with Sultan Qaboos University (Back home I am a professor at Temple University in Philadelphia).

What were some of your initial concerns about moving three pets from the United States to Oman?

I often travel for my work, but typically only for a few months at a time, so my pets stay home. Since I am in Oman for at least 10 months this time, I did not feel I could leave my boys at home.

My two cats are seniors and my dog has extreme social anxiety (he is a rescued dog who I adopted 2 years ago -- his life before me was not very pleasant so he is afraid of everyone and everything). Mostly I worried that my dog would think he was being given away again... thankfully his (and the cats' trip) was just a tad longer than mine, and he and the cats were boarded in Muscat for only two nights as I sorted out my rental. 

Since it is so hot here, I also worried about how quickly they would get through customs. PetRelocation has been spectacular about all of the planning, easing my concerns (especially since I did not have a 100% confirmed home until I arrived!), and getting my boys from Philadelphia to Muscat safe and sound!

My boys were picked up from my home in Philadelphia and delivered to my new home in Muscat -- it was true door-to-door service. I was nervous, but it was very clear that every step was well-planned and I received notifications every step of the way!


What surprised you about the pet travel process?

I was surprised that in addition to getting the animals moved, the process was very much about making sure I was comfortable and did not have to think about how to make this move happen. I had a lot of planning to do just to move myself and to begin my work here, and I know that I could not have planned this pet move on top of that.

This process took away ALL of that work and gave me excellent instructions about the very few things I needed to do to get my boys ready to travel. This let me worry about my own move and actually arrive in Oman ready to work immediately.... not worrying about traveling with three pets! It will be wonderful to have them here with me!



How did your pets handle the flight and how have they handled the transition so far?

My boys seemed to do fine with travel. I am sure that none of them understood what was happening and that they were afraid at times... BUT, my cats (Monkey and Francis) were clearly comfortable at the cattery and arrived calm, whereas Cyrus was "boarded" at the home of an employee from a local vet (wow! how could I ever have arranged for that on my own from the US??).

They have transitioned beautifully... but are a little hot! Cyrus has handled this by swimming in the Indian Ocean for the first time (this might be the first time he has ever been swimming in his life) and the cats are enjoying the AC! 



What advice do you have for people who might be planning a pet move?

HIRE PETRELOCATION.COM... especially if you are moving your whole life to another country. There are so many things to plan for with a big move and this service makes it possible to incorporate your pets in your life-changing move. I definitely could not have coordinated this myself! 

What made you decide to hire pet travel professionals to assist you?

My friend moved her dog to Australia recently. I was researching pet relocation companies and was almost set on hiring PetRelocation (because of their fantastic customer service, even before I had decided) and by absolute coincidence, my friend's dog was completing the long process of importing her dog to Australia with this same company! When I heard that, I knew I could trust them.

Thanks to Kim for sharing her story with us! We love knowing that she and her pets are healthy and happy in their new temporary home.


Looking for assistance with a pet move of your own? Please contact PetRelocation for a pet travel consultation.


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