Pet Move of the Month: Two Dogs Retire to Nevada

two dogs with their ownerIncredible Experiences: Brick and Major's Happy Reunion

A few weeks ago we helped Brick and Major move from Hawaii to Nevada with their family, and when we received the first post-reunion update from their mom, we knew they'd make a great Pet Move of the Month.

It was late December and Monique's email said it all: "Brick and Major are in their new home -- HAPPY as can be. So awesome! Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart... this is the best holiday gift I have ever received!"

Here's the rest of their move story -- join us in congratulating them on a successful life adventure!

What brought about your move to Nevada? Were you always planning to bring your dogs along?

Retiring to Nevada was our life long dream, and yes Brick and Major were coming with us!

Did anything surprise you about the pet travel process?

I would not called how I felt surprised – rather, I was so blown away by the compassion and genuine care the entire team associated with my move showed from the minute we connected to the minute they delivered Brick and Major to our doorstep in Nevada. I felt and knew that my “eight paws” were in the most capable, caring and loving hands.

 How did you prepare your dogs for the trip?

I got them familiar with their travel kennels weeks before by having a water station in their cage, playing with them in their/around their cages, and placing our clothing in the crates. It paid off – they went into their travel crates at the prescribed time without issue

How has the transition to your new home been? Which place is more pet friendly, Nevada or Hawaii?

The transition has been great. Both Hawaii and Nevada are very pet friendly places – how lucky are we?

 What advice do you have for people who might be starting to plan their pet’s move?

Simple, don’t fret or over think it it – reach out and connect with PetRelocation – you and your pets will be so happy that you did!

What made you decide to hire Pet Relocation to assist you?

Ease, no stress, confidence in the team the moment I connected with Ashley and followed up with Garrett, who handled Brick and Major’s relocation travel day minute by minute and connected with me the entire way. 

Truly incredible service! Yes it is pricey, but worth every dime!!!

Thanks to Monique, Brick, and Major! Looking for help with your own move? Contact us to discuss your pet transport options. 


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