Pet Shipping Story: Lucy and Ethel’s Move to Oregon

Incredible Experiences: Lucy and Ethel's Journey Across the United States

Hi PetRelocation,

I am extremely satisfied with your services. Penney was very helpful. I had explained to her that I was in hospital throughout the whole process, and prior to the pickup date I had friends who went to my house every day to care for Lucy and Ethel.  

Lucy in Oregon traveling with cats


My daughter arrived in Florida just in time to load the cats into the new airline-approved carriers. Your person took care of the vet health certificates and delivered my girls to the airport. At the Portland, OR airport another of your folks picked them up and drove the two hours to get to my daughter's house in Eugene.

I had expected Ethel (the younger one) to be somewhat traumatized by the trip, but by the second day she was out exploring the house. Since there are already two dogs and an elderly cat (age 17) it has taken a little time to settle in. Lucy tends to hang out with the dogs, while Ethel has chosen to be Zane's (my grandson) next buddy when Chardon goes to cat heaven.

Ethel in Oregon traveling with cats


My doctor has given me the OK to fly to Oregon the end of this month. I haven't seen my girls since August 24th.

I just hope they remember me ;)

I often find myself explaining to people that companies like yours do a wonderful job when pets need to travel without their owners. I could not be happier with your services and will spread the word whenever the occasion presents itself.

Thank You,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Betty
Pets' Names: Ethel and Lucy
From: Florida, United States
To: Oregon, United States


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PetRelocation Team


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