Pet Transport Spotlight: Cyclone the Snake

SnakePetRelocation helps all kinds of pets move across the country and across the world -- even snakes!

Here's a great update from Cyclone's owner about their recent move with us.

When I found out I was moving from North Carolina to California, I had less than a week to make all the arrangements to safely relocate my goods and my pet milk snake.

I found PetRelocation through a Google search and sent a desperate message seeking assistance. Katy called me within the hour and reassured me that my pet's move would not need to be part of the stress. She handled all the arrangements promptly, professionally and keeping me in the loop every step of the way.

This organization was able to make all the arrangements to get my girl Cyclone ready to fly in just two day's time! I don't know what I would have done without them.



Cyclone had a very smooth travel experience from the meet and greet (the greeter even met me at the rental drop off instead of the airport to help out a solo traveler!) to the cargo delivery.

She showed no signs of stress and was slithering around and eating well immediately after I unpacked her.

Thank you so much, PetRelocation! I recommend your services with Katy to any loving pet owner.



Pet's Name: Cyclone

Pet Breed: Milk Snake

From: Wilmington, North Carolina

To: San Diego, California


Thanks to Teresa and Cyclone for entrusting us with this move! Need to research your own pet transport options? Contact us to set up a consultation today.


PetRelocation Team


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