Pet Travel Customer Story: Ella’s Move to San Antonio

CatIncredible Experiences: Ella's Across Country Cat Move

When I knew I was moving to San Antonio I also knew I had to find a better way of moving my cat, Ella, than a spending a 20 hour drive with her. A friend suggested I have her flown, so I began doing some research.

I contacted four companies, and PetRelocation was the most responsive and seemed the most knowledgeable.

Everything went according to plan. They communicated with me throughout the entire process, and I liked that I could track Ella's progress on her travel day. She arrived safe and sound (a little stressed but I think we are both better for her having flown).

I would recommend PetRelocation to anyone considering flying a pet. They were professional, knowledgeable and responsive, and they offered great customer service.

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Jennifer
Pet's Name: Ella
From: Charlotte, NC, US
To: San Antonio, TX, US


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