Pet Travel Snapshots: A Step-by-Step Cat Relocation with Karma & Reiki

The Cat Transport Process, Step by Step

It's a fact: some pets are easy travelers and some require a little more patience and assistance. Cat owners especially often begin their pet travel preparations with hesitancy, but with a little help they're often amazed at how well their kitties adjust.

Here's a great example: Karma and Reiki, two cats we recently helped with a move from Florida to Prague. They started out a little skeptical about the whole travel process, but in the end they did a great job and they're now where they belong -- with their loving owner.

Take a look at the stages of their journey, and thanks to their owner for sharing this move with us!


Step 1: Getting Used to the Travel Crate


Reiki's new kennel. (It's good to start slow if a cat is new to travel.)



Step 2: The Big Day


Reiki gets comfortable on his blanket.


Karma isn't overjoyed right now, but in just a few hours he'll be home!


Step 3: Settling In


Here they are on Day 1 in their new home. Time to explore!


See? Life is getting back to normal already. What a view!


Find out more about how to crate train your cat, and as always, contact PetRelocation with any questions you have.


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