Pet Travel Spotlight: Moving a Dog to Hawaii

Moving a dog to Hawaii can be an intimidating process! That's why we'd like to congratulate Ginger on her move to the Aloha State. Here's an update from her owner:  

Aloha from a dog in hawaii Thanks to Garrett and PetRelocation for helping with this stressful move!  

Ginger arrived safely after a 10-hour flight and 4 months of waiting back in DC to complete the required 4-month quarantine period.

It was a stressful time for me, but I'm glad PetRelocation was by my side to help!  To pet parents of impending moves - hang in there and think positive!

- Melissa


Pet Move Details:

Pet's Name: Ginger

Pet Breed: Beagle

From: Washington, DC

To: Honolulu, HI

Thanks to Melissa and Ginger for entrusting us with this move! Need to research your own pet transport options? Contact us to set up a consultation today.


PetRelocation Team


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United States, Hawaii
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