Pet Travel Spotlight: Singapore Pet Travel Stories

West highland terrier shipped to Singapore We've helped many pets move to Singapore (it's a popular place for expats and business travelers), and we understand how challenging planning a move like this can be -- especially in the beginning stages when you're just starting to sort out your options.

It usually helps to hear from real people who have tips and lessons to share, so we've rounded up a few pet travel story excerpts that will shed light on Singapore quarantine, the travel process, and settling in to your new home.

Take a look at these anecdotes from pet owners who have successfully moved to Singapore, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions about your pet's move!

Quarantine in Singapore

"On January 12, 2013, Purrla flew from Florida to Frankfurt, Germany. She had a rest break there for several hours and on January 14 landed in Singapore. She went to The Ricted Quarantine Facility here in Singapore where she stayed for 10 days in her own little 'hotel' room. We were able to visit her and she looked great and was eating well." Read More

"Zelphie is here! And I've gotten to see her! It was such an exciting day. She had a lot of energy and was bouncing off us all. She is a bit bigger then when I last left her!" Read More

DIY vs. Hiring Move Help

"Getting Mason into Singapore (which is rabies free) requires precise timing for his vaccinations, health certificates, blood test and 10-day quarantine. Thankfully, PetRelocation helped me through the administrative process and Vanessa, my client care specialist, answered all my queries." Read More

"Having gone through the exercise, I am very glad I did not try to do it all myself and would strongly advise anyone against relocating their pets on their own. Relocation is a logistical and bureaucratic nightmare (vaccinations, paperwork, airline rules, destination country rules, timing). It is also an extremely stressful process -- the pets did not know what is going on and I was extremely worried for them but also busy with my own move." Read More

"I had a lot on my plate - my husband was already in Singapore, I had to sell the house, store my stuff, move myself AND figure out how to move my dog. I can honestly say that there is no other way to do this than to hire help and have the confidence and peace of mind that your precious pooch will be taken care of and arrive safely. Not only did they make sure she was comfortable and safe, they also took care of all of the details regarding her vet visits necessary prior to the trip, all of the paperwork necessary to secure a space in addition to picking her up AND bringing her to her new home in Singapore." Read More

cat shipped to singapore

The Weather in Singapore

"Bama (the Miniature Schnauzer) has gone from city pup to beach boy and is enjoying Singapore. He has found a new love for air conditioning just like we have and has a short new hairdo to match the weather. As long as we keep him on short walks and his water bowl filled, he's a happy dog." Read More

"Lulu and I are really enjoying Singapore and go on daily walks to explore since the weather has been unseasonably cool (in the high 70s and low 80s and breezy), but it's starting to get hot now."  Read More

Life with Pets in Singapore

"Since the move, he has adapted very nicely and loves it here. We live right on the river so he loves his daily walks and trips around town and to the dog parks." Read More

"I am happy to say that we found the local dog community and Lucy found a new best friend!" Read More


Moving to Singapore with a pet? Read over these Singapore pet travel tips and contact us for a consultation if you need some assistance shipping your pet safely. We can help!


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