Moving Large Dogs to Singapore: Kona and Caspian’s Story

We recently moved two beautiful Berners from the US to Singapore! Here's a recap of the relocation experience and an update on their new home.

Bernese Mountain Dog moves to Singapore We used PetRelocation to move two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Kona & Caspian from Los Angeles to Singapore in the fall of 2018. From our first interaction, every step of the way to our final reunion, our friends at PetRelocation did an AMAZING job!

Their communication, follow up and detailed plans were all seamless. 

Our boys are 120-lbs each and there's two of them, so this was quite a process. We had custom crates made and lined the bottom with foam mats. They flew ahead of my wife Sarah & I from LA to Amsterdam to Singapore with an 8-hour layover to help them rest outside of their crates during their journey. Each step of the journey, we received texts, pictures and email updates that they arrived safely and were making friends along the way :o)

They arrived in Singapore and were greeted by the Pet Embassy then taken to Quarantine for 10 days. We purposely sent the dogs ahead of us. Driving to the quarantine from the central business district of Singapore takes 30-40 mins by taxi one-way. By the time we arrived they only had 5-6 days left in quarantine so taking a daily trip out there wasn't too cumbersome. Everyone at the quarantine in Singapore was awesome, they all knew of our "gentle giants" by name and were very complimentary on their easy going disposition. They even called to ask if they could put both dogs into one unit which we agreed with, they were much happier together and we appreciated that they called to make sure it was "ok" and recognised that they would be better together...and they were!  

large dogs shipped to Singapore  dogs in Singapore quarantine doing great

PetRelocation worked with Pet Embassy in Singapore to bring both doggies from quarantine to our serviced suites for a smooth final step in the process. 

Now both Berners are here in Singapore going on early morning and post-sunset walks (it's very hot and humid during the day). They're neighbourhood celebs, I don't think people in Singapore have seen dogs this large. We've been invited to parks to play with other dogs in the area and have found pockets of like-minded dog lovers to make friends with. 


Both Kona & Caspian are settling in just fine now that they're back on their regular routine.  

This was our first international move and I couldn't say enough amazing things about the service PetRelocation provides. They take pride in what they do and have tons of empathy for what their clients (dogs and humans) go through during these travels.  THANK YOU!  


PetRelocation Team


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