Moving A Cat to Singapore: Nico’s Journey

cat moved to singapore in 2019shipping cats to Singapore We decided to move to Singapore in December 2018, and I began to research the process of moving pets overseas. As I read reviews on various moving companies, it was immediately clear that Pet Relocation had done an excellent job for so many other pets and families, so I contacted them to get the process started.

I was very nervous about moving our cat, Nico. Would he survive the sixteen-hour flight? Would someone put him on the wrong flight? What would it be like in quarantine? Would he be sick from too many rabies shots? These were just a few of my questions! I was connected with our moving specialist, Katy, and she gave me clear outlines of what had to be done, timelines for vet appointments, examples of paperwork, and any other bit of information I could imagine. She was very patient and thorough, and even though the move was scary for me (and probably Nico!),

cat relocates to Singapore from United statesIt went as well as possible. Our final vet appointment and paperwork delivery was handled professionally and perfectly. I was told when Nico boarded the plane and when he made his connection to Singapore. My husband, who was already living in Singapore, was called immediately when Nico landed and made his way to quarantine. After 10 days in the Sembawang Animal Quarantine,

Nico was delivered to our home by a cheerful representative here in Singapore. And believe it or not, Nico jumped out of his crate, explored his new home, ate a huge breakfast, and curled up to sleep without a care in the world. It was wonderful! He has adjusted beautifully, beyond my expectations.

I'm SO grateful to Katy and Pet Relocation for making this happen, for easing my worries, and literally taking our precious cargo around the world. When it's time to move again, we'll be calling PetRelocation!  


PetRelocation Team


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