Pet Travel Story: A Big Dog’s Relocation to China

DogIncredible Experiences: Lambeau's Big Move

Dear PetRelocation Team,

I can't say enough how pleased my husband and I are with the relocation of our beloved dog, Lambeau. He is only a year and 4 months old. He's a 130 lb American Mastiff, and as much as he is big, he is sweet. 

I read about PetRelocation in a book called Living Abroad in China. After researching their company and others, I knew this company was the right one for Lambeau. He (and I) needed the special attention they guaranteed, and they came through with flying colors. 

It started off with my husband communicating with Jon about the rate and what the company had to offer. Jon was very supportive in helping us figure out the package that would work best for us. After we signed off to move forward, Mandy was our main contact. Soon after, Kristen and James were helping as well. Every time I emailed Mandy, Kristen or James, they answered promptly and with assurance everything was going well. 

I was especially concerned during Lambeau's actual travel day. Not because I had anything to worry about -- this team that PetRelocation put together had everything under control, and every step they planned was completed flawless. I was only worried because that's what dog parents do, haha. 

On the day he traveled, Kristen and James were always there to answer questions and ease my worry even with the time difference. Kristen even had her team in Los Angeles send me pictures of Lambeau as they waited for his plane. I was very pleased!!!! 

My husband and I had to travel to China a week before Lambeau so we could find a suitable home that would accommodate us and our very large puppy. We moved in to our new home just hours before Lambeau arrived. Whew!!!

When James arrived at our doorstep in China with Lambeau we were over the moon to see our pup. Lambeau was a little groggy as he slowly climbed out of the van. We heard our first very loud gasp from a local woman as he climbed out (of course due to his size). You have to remember that he weighs more than most of the people here in China, haha.

I completely understand their apprehension, however soon they will know him as the loving gentle giant that he is. Lambeau has already made some friends in the neighborhood. It's nice that our complex is very dog friendly. He is adjusting very well and so are we. 

Thank you to everyone on the team that helped in this huge adventure. Lambeau had a very long trip. He left Los Angeles on a Monday and arrived to us in Ningbo, China on Wednesday. He is the type of dog who follows you from room to room as you move around the house. He flew for a little over 13 hours and had one night of quarantine. (Just one night of quarantine is amazing!!!!  PetRelocation must have a great reputation with China too. I've heard stories of up to 30 days of quarantine.) 

Being away from home for this period of time could have been an issue. Yet all in all, due to how smoothly your team made it all go, Lambeau is home with us and as happy as ever. Lambeau sends a big fat kiss to you all as well. 

I may have posted too many pictures to share but he's just so darn cute I couldn't help it. 

Thank you again!!!

PS - Yes, Lambeau is from a Packer fan family!!!  Haha


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