Pet Travel Story: A Cat Relocation to South Africa

Incredible Experiences: Ally's Third International Move!

We are so pleased that we used PetRelocation for Ally's move to South Africa! This is the third time we have moved her, but it's the first time with PetRelocation and we had the easiest move ever!

First, we looked up different pet travel services online. We chose three and sent them emails and our concerns. PetRelocation called us the following day and they were so nice and comforting on the phone.

They gave us a phone number to call for when we had more questions, and also a person's email address to send information to along with any more questions we might have. As the weeks passed, they emailed and called and walked us through every detail. You could tell that they really cared about our pet.

Thank you all so very much! We will definitely be using PetRelocation when we leave here.




Pet Travel Details:

Name: Christine
Pet's Name: Ally
From: California, US
To: Johannesburg, South Africa

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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences




United States, South Africa
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