Pet Travel Story: A Dog Move From Texas to Scotland

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When we found out we were being transferred overseas for work, I immediately started researching how to move our dog with us. We had just lost our 15-year-old dog a few months before and couldn't bear to lose our 9-month-old shaggamuffin now, too!

In my research I was put in contact with a girl who recommended PetRelocation, they had used them to move their pets to Scotland. After my initial discussions with Maegan, I felt very comfortable using them. Especially seeing how they doted on their 'clients', our dog.

It's very stressful to think about what your confused pet is feeling in a big move, but I knew he was under the best care possible. When he was delivered to our doorstep (after many changes that PetRelocation handled well), he was happy and healthy and no worse for the wear.

I would not hesitate to use them again, and if we move internationally again, I'll be giving PetRelocation a call!

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Kristen
Company: Wood Group
Pet's Name: Banjo
From: Cypress, TX
To: Aberdeen, Scotland


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