Pet Travel Story: A Dog Move to China

Incredible Experiences: Dog Transport to China

PetRelocation is a great company. They were only given a few days to arrange two dogs to be transferred from the USA to China, and one dog required a custom crate to be made as he is so big.

Our dogs arrived happy and healthy. The didn't even lose weight, as I thought they would due to stress. Also, I had requested my two dogs be bathed before being delivered to my door. They arrived happy, healthy, and clean.

One of the best parts for us was their immediate follow up on our emails and phone calls. I also loved the tracking number to follow the location of our pets at all times.

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Don
Pets' Names: Rambo and Sir Syris
From: USA
To: China


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PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



United States, China
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