Pet Travel Story: A Dog Move to Kenya

Incredible Experiences: Dog Travel to Kenya

Moving to Nairobi was daunting enough for us, but moving Ben was even more so. We knew we couldn't bring him with us as excess baggage as we'd taken him to France before - this time he had to be imported by a third party. I searched the Internet and PetRelocation appeared to be an interesting choice.

When I made contact, first with Sarah and then with Amber, it was clear that this company knew what it was doing. The customer service was beyond compare, and every time I contacted Amber with another worrying detail, she was reassuring, calm, and wonderful. She made it seem like it was the easiest thing in the world to ship Ben to Africa!

Of course, stuff happens... We left before him as he couldn't come until we were in our house here. In the weeks before his departure, it turned out he needed to have a toe amputated -- we were devastated both because we weren't with him, but also because it meant an even longer wait for him to come.

But Amber reassured us that changing flights was no problem, and, as three weeks became four, he recovered from the surgery and finally arrived very late one night right at our door, minus a toe but very happy to be in his new home with us. I can't thank Amber enough for her support through it all and for her kindness and patience on all those Skype phone calls.

Ben's adjusted to his injury amazingly well and is just as skilled at catching a Frisbee as he ever was. Nairobi's a difficult place to walk a dog along the roads, as there are few sidewalks and lots of traffic, but Karura Forest, right in the city, is a wonderful dog-friendly place to walk (with off-leash areas).

The Sykes monkeys are very curious and come to see Ben almost every time we go, letting us know they're there with little chirping sounds.

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Mindy
Pet's Name: Ben
From: London, Ontario, Canada
To: Nairobi, Kenya

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