Pet Travel Story: A Dog Relocation to Canada

DogIncredible Experiences: Cotton Moves Home

In June of 2010, my family was relocated from Canada to the US with our company. With us came our family dog. In December of 2012, it was time for the company to move us again, but this time the trip was to Australia.

The family dog (getting a bit older) was not up for such a journey and all the complications that come with bringing a pet to Australia. The best place for her was back in Canada with our now adult son going to University. We could not make that move ourselves, and the airlines could not fly at that time of year due to climate restrictions.

Once the weather got nicer it was time for her to leave the wonderful friends that were taking care of her and reunite with our son. PetRelocation took great care of this for us. They kept us posted through the entire journey and did an amazing job making sure that she made it back home safe.


Pet Travel Details:
Pet's Name: Cotton
From: Elko, Nevada, US
To: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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