Pet Travel Story: A Dog Travels From Australia to Texas

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Well, our Australia Chapter has come to a close and we needed to find the best route for Sydney Girl to travel to her new home -- TEXAS. We asked around, and PetRelocation kept coming up in conversations. Three of our friends used this service to get their pets to Australia so I thought, "if they are good coming this way then they must be good going back!"

I looked them up on Facebook and their website; I liked the following facts: They are from Austin, Texas, our sales guy Mike (who I requested) was from Australia, and then our client care specialist Amber (again, I did some website stalking) has a Vizsla. All pluses in my book!!!

The PetRelocation team was great on both sides. They sent pictures and made sure that Sydney had enough water and food before all of her travels. The pet transporters (the Rosenbaums) were great! My Aunt and Uncle have Sydney until we get to the states, and it just shows you what a small world it is that my Aunt and Mrs. Rosenbaum had a couple of friends in common!

They had a nice visit when they dropped off Sydney. Everyone really communicated well, which was very important to me because I am still in Australia and my Aunt is in Houston.

Sydney is settling well, playing with her cousin Jackson, a Lab mix, swimming in the pool and receiving daily treats from her Auntie! She is not going to want to come with us to Austin!

To the team at PetRelocation: Thank you so much for getting Sydney to the United States with no dramas! Everything was super smooth. It really showed during the whole process how caring and understanding you are about pets really being part of the family.

See you in Austin in October! I will bring Sydney to the office to meet the team.


-Laura and Ben


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Laura and Ben
Pet's Name: Sydney Valentine
From: Sydney Australia
To: Austin, Texas via Houston, Texas



PetRelocation Team


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United States, Australia
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