Pet Travel Story: A Dog’s Adventure to Abu Dhabi, UAE

Incredible Experiences: Cosmo's Relocation to the UAE

When my husband and I made the decision for him to take a job in Abu Dhabi, UAE in late February 2013, the first thing that we both asked was how were we going to get our beloved little Cosmo over there?

I began to research moving a pet to the UAE, and was scared to death to find out that they had to fly in as cargo. That is when we decided to research agencies that specialized in moving pets internationally.

I connected to several other agencies and never received a warm feeling from them until I was contacted by Joe at PetRelocation. After the first initial contact, I knew this was the company that we were going to entrust getting our little furbaby over to our new home.

Amber, our pet relocation specialist, was amazing with me. She walked me through every step that was needed and provided our vet wonderful examples on how to fill out the much needed paperwork to be approved by the USDA.

On the day of the move, their agents in Chicago were amazing and kindhearted when I had the meltdown of letting Cosmo go. We received email updates on her flight status, and once she landed in Abu Dhabi, the agent contacted my husband to let him know that she was doing just fine while they waited for customs to clear her.

She is adjusting to new home and loves her new backyard! We can not thank PetRelocation enough in for helping us get Cosmo safely over to her new home.

We highly recommend them to anyone who thinking about moving their pets internationally and would use them again in a heartbeat!




Pet Travel Details:

Name: Heather
Pet's Name: Cosmo
From: Glen Carbon, IL USA
To: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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